Training Workshops

OINOS Educational Consulting provides teachers and organizational learning teams with workshops and specialized courses that train them how to effectively implement successful pedagogical principles and tactics into their professional practice. Among our varied and comprehensive menu of offerings, participants who attend these workshops strengthen their understanding of instructional methodologies, classroom management skills, and assessment methods.

OINOS conducts the following workshops:

  • Using Personality Type in the Classroom
  • The Differentiated Classroom
  • Understanding Learning Style
  • The Spirituality of Teaching
  • The Art of Teaching: The First Five Years
  • Making Thinking Visible Using Cognitive Apprenticeship
  • The Magic of Assessment
  • Using Film to Create Cognitive Scaffolds
  • The Constructivist Classroom
  • Teaching at a Distance: Developing a Distance Learning Course


Other Workshops:

OINOS is willing to develop and conduct specialized workshops that complement the needs of our clients.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


"Frank’s insight and unique perspective have paid dividends for Heartbeat International Foundation. He helped chart new pathways to led us past long-standing challenges. He brought creativity and fresh thinking to our strategic planning and fundraising endeavors."
Dr. Benedict Maniscalco, MD
Chairman and CEO of Heartbeat International Foundation, Inc.

“Frank’s professional background speaks for itself. His skills are unmatched. He has successfully led entire teams of professionals, clergy, and volunteers through complex strategic and development planning efforts and then rallied them to make those plans and their associated fundraising and capital formation programs a reality. Frank’s leadership skills are not born of a false sense of authority, but rather knowledge, experience, and true charity for those he serves.”
Frank Ferguson, President
The Pelican Group

"Frank Marangos is a very intelligent, creative, and a dynamic speaker who can hold the attention of an audience for lengths of time. He is a multi-talented visionary and leader of people of all faiths and ages. His ability to lead, raise money, and manage a large, diverse organization are truly gifts he possesses. His educational background is stellar."
Paul Panagos, CPA
Panagos, Salver & Cook

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