Teacher Training

What are the characteristics of a Master Teacher? How can schools successfully develop the effectiveness of their faculty?  Studies on the No Child Left Behind Act (2002) indicate that the single most important factor in determining student academic success is the classroom teacher.

OINOS helps teachers unlock their full potential by providing them with the vision, strategies, and resources they need to make dynamic use of their innate psychological Type.

Learning communities are as resilient as their faculty. While many school districts have invested in computers, modems, and video equipment, too few offer teachers the personalized support and training they need to use these and other pedagogical tools well.  OINOS provides professional development, training and personalized coaching that helps teachers more effectively serve and inspire their students.

Teacher Training Workshops – OINOS provides workshops and customized training for teachers who desire pedagogical mastery.  By discovering their unique cognitive complexities faculty members can more effectively develop their talents and align their professional goals with their school’s priorities.  Workshops include:

  • Using TYPE to Become a Master Teacher
  • The Eight Jungian Functions and the Teaching-Learning Dynamic
  • Differentiated Teaching and Learning
  • Unlock Your Potential using MBTI
  • Faculty Team Building using MBTI
  • Developing Online Courses Using Type