Coaching for Students

Are your children educationally motivated and challenged? Are they receiving the grades that you know they are capable of earning? When students discover and have their unique learning style preferences validated, they become more motivated, applied and successful in school.

Academic Coaching offers students the opportunity to telephonically dialogue one-on-one with a coach who specializes in helping clients improve their knowledge, learning style, and test performance.

Using a client’s OINOS Learning Type Profile the coach will discuss specific instructional or academic concerns that students may be experiencing. The coach will provide suggestions and strategies that will improve their educational apptitude.

Students who learn how to use their Type preferences:

  • Increase their academic motivation
  • Improve time management skills
  • Decrease procrastination
  • Improve reading speed and comprehension
  • Develop better note taking skills
  • Strengthen test preparation strategies
  • Improve test performance and grades