Grant Writing

OINOS provides personalized training and guidance with locating, developing and writing grant proposals. Teachers and appropriate school administrators will learn how to successfully: Research and applying for grants Develop problem statements and … Read more ›

Instructional Coaching

OINOS offers personalized Instructional Coaching to educators who are interested in becoming Master Teachers. OINOS Learning Type Profile – We have built our company’s reputation on premiere psychological inventories. By using the Myers-Briggs… Read more ›

Chalk Talk: Solutions that Transform

FINDING YOUR VOICE (Part IV) THE AKATHIST HYMN FOR LEADERS - “Happy is that house which is visited by some royal personage. But more happy is the soul that is visited by the Queen of the world, the most holy Mary, who cannot but fill with mercies and graces those blessed

Faculty and Team Development

OINOS helps teachers and teams unlock their full potential by providing them with the vision, strategies, and resources they need to make dynamic use of their innate psychological Type. Learning communities are as resilient as their faculty. While many … Read more ›

Analytical Tools

OINOS is a Certified Practitioner of the following evaluative tools for education, organization, and personality development. Assessments may be confidentially administered online. Tools: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Myers-Briggs Step II… Read more ›

Frankly Speaking

TRUMP’S TROLLY: ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP AND THE KOBAYASHI MARU - “Intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble.Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexcusable imperative.” H.G. Wells “Trolley-ology” – the study of moral dilemmas – forms an important part of West Point’s philosophy course for young

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Company Profile

Providing educational solutions that transform problems into opportunities! OINOS helps teachers, students and professional learning communities realize their personal and organizational goals by aligning talent and potential with unique personal … Read more ›


"Frank’s insight and unique perspective have paid dividends for Heartbeat International Foundation. He helped chart new pathways to led us past long-standing challenges. He brought creativity and fresh thinking to our strategic planning and fundraising endeavors."
Dr. Benedict Maniscalco, MD
Chairman and CEO of Heartbeat International Foundation, Inc.

"Dr. Marangos is a gifted communicator, a passionate learner, and a gifted leader. He has greatly influenced the lives and business leadership of my clients!"
Glenn G. Gutek, M.Div.
CEO Awake Consulting & Coaching

"Frank Marangos is a very intelligent, creative, and a dynamic speaker who can hold the attention of an audience for lengths of time. He is a multi-talented visionary and leader of people of all faiths and ages. His ability to lead, raise money, and manage a large, diverse organization are truly gifts he possesses. His educational background is stellar."
Paul Panagos, CPA
Panagos, Salver & Cook